Success Stories


Here are some of the clients who have begun the transformation journey with us. Read how they have applied our product and what the impact has been for them.

Success Story - Burges Salmon

Discover how Burges Salmon helped their departments collaborate better

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Success Story - Kitt

Discover how Kitt adopted the C-me language to bring teams together and provide more constructive feedback.

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Success Story - Kids Matter

Explore how Kids Matter used the C-me common language to overcome communication challenges.

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Success Story - The Trussell Trust

Read how C-me supports The Trussell Trust with team development and more.

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Success Story - Breast Cancer Now

Dive into how Breast Cancer Now used C-me to build self awareness, resilience and emotional intelligence.

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Success Story - Seasalt

Explore how Seasalt uses non-judgmental language to aid development.

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Success Story - The University of Sussex

Read how The University of Sussex utilised C-me to navigate a period of change.

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Success Story - London Marathon Events

Discover how LME utilised C-me to create a more collaborative and engaging team space.

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Success Story - Lowe Rental

Read how Lowe Rental used the C-me tool to drive awareness and help employees understand each other.

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Success Story - WDC

Learn how WDC utilised the C-me tool to diffuse conflict and misunderstandings.

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Success Story - Mecalac

Read how Mecalac are using behaviour profiling to improve self-awareness.

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Success Story - King's College London

Learn how King's College London used C-me to aid with internal development training.

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