Sonia Home Shares her Experience in Improving Business Performance

Sonia Home Shares her Experience in Improving Business Performance

One of C-me's Directors, Sonia Home, recently joined Andrew Jenkins in his Leaders Live interview. In the context of psychometrics, she voices her insights from her 8 years' experience of working with and helping organisations solve their business inefficiencies to improve their performance through C-me Colour Profiling.

What to expect?

Andrew and Sonia evaluate some interesting and thought-provoking topics, covering the foundations of Colour Profiling and diving deep into the importance of profiling and self-awareness in relation to effective performance management. 

Topics covered

Watch the video interview below to understand:

  • The core building blocks that express what makes us unique (5min 15)
  • Introducing the language of colour to describe behavioural preferences (6min 30) 
  • How does C-me relate to other profiling systems? (10min 05)
  • How does C-me help us to identify our strengths, challenges and blind spots?(11min 33)
  • High performing teams and diversity of thought (14min 45)
  • Conscious behaviours vs. subconscious behaviours (16min 43)
  • What happens to our colour preferences when we are under stress? (19min 03)
  • Behavioural preferences can differ between working cultures (23min 12)
  • There is no such thing as the 'right' profile for a leader (24 min 19)
  • As a leader, how do we modify and flex our behaviours? (25min 15)
  • Building trust within a team (30min 58)
  • Does a low level of self-awareness impact a team's effectiveness? (36min 15)
  • Authentic leadership approaches (37min 35)
  • Can anyone be a leader? (39 min 44)
  • Final 3 tips and takeaways (42min 20)
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