September 28, 2023

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A guide to overcoming the recruitment headache

Finding the right person, for the right job, at the right time is rarely easy. Recruiting well is a great skill and even the most experienced recruiters sometimes get it wrong. C-me Colour Profiling is a great tool to help you overcome your recruitment headaches. This article explains why.

Some might say that the recruitment industry can be challenging, and ever-changing. Recruitment can also reflect how as a society we have changed.


More recent times have seen a shift from valuing longevity in a career path towards diversity of experience and more short term goals, as well as wellbeing and work - life balance.


And then there are all the age-old 'problems' of recruitment to negotiate:

  • Too many applications; not enough time to review them all thoroughly
  • Filtering inappropriate applications
  • Choosing between several highly qualified candidates
  • Fear of 'getting it wrong'
  • Finding the right skills but the wrong 'fit'

A number of well-trodden recruitment  mishaps also exist:

  • Rushing the hire
  • Recruiting in too narrow a pool
  • Being blinded by rhetoric and the person who 'talks a good game'
  • Misleading references
  • Spending too much money on lousy recruitment agencies.

But perhaps the biggest mistake, (and sadly one made far too often) is focusing too much on the candidates CV and interview and not paying attention to their approach to work. A CV can tell you a lot about a person's skills and experience, but little about their behaviour.

Imagine for a moment that you receive 4 applications with very little separating them. The CVs are all strong. All the candidates performed well in the interview. How are you then meant to decide?


C-me Colour Profiling is a great tool to help at this point. Using C-me’s Profiling system enables you to gain quality information  and better inform your recruitment process. 


The cost of getting it wrong

Recruiting the best talent is expensive. Getting it wrong is even more expensive. Sometimes, it makes us feel like the process of recruiting a new hire is rushed, in the bid to 'fill the gap'.


It can even make us feel apprehensive about starting the hiring process,  for the fear of experiencing previous mishaps.

There is the opportunity for wasted time, and the impact a wrong hire can have on team dynamics is often felt long after the employee has moved on (if indeed they do move on!)


C-me can help you get you the first as right first time, every time. We do this, not just by helping you understand the candidates’ behaviours before you hire, but also by helping you to consider how they might or might not fit within the existing team.


It is not just a person's skills that matter, but also how they behave / are motivated / handle pressure/ relate to others. As has commonly been proven, a team of superstars doesn't always guarantee success. We overlook chemistry at our peril.


The benefits of getting it right

Whilst it may well be true in life that 'getting it right takes a lot of getting it wrong', we would be sensible to use the effective tools at our disposal to at least try to get it right! 


Six benefits of using C-me Colour Profiling in your recruitment process

  1. Saves time and money – the low cost of the profiles relative to the quality of information they provide to aid you in the hire process is incomparable.
  2. Prevents hiring 'blindness' – it is all too easy to 'hire in our own image' but C-me Profiles can help us think more expansively and thoroughly.
  3. Helps facilitate more effective interviews - design interview questions with candidates’ colour preference in mind and stretch them by asking questions focused on their less preferred ways of doing things. 
  4. Supports the existing team – enabling the existing team to understand a recruit before they even start work.
  5. Aids the onboarding process – helping line managers know how to motivate their recruit quickly and best support them in times of stress. 

Interested to learn more about using C-me Colour Profiling in your recruitment approach? Get in touch with our team below! 

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