May 29, 2023

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How to use colour for more effective team communication

We are all unique and have our preferred way of doing things, which C-me expresses through the language of colour. Our 4 colours and their colour combinations affect how we communicate with one another and can positively impact communication in our teams.

Don't know about using colour to describe behaviour? Read on to learn how. 


How would you describe your colour preferences and those of your team?


Think about your own colour preferences and those of your team, how might you describe the behavioural preferences of those you work with? Follow our tips below to see how this might be impacting your communication:


effective ways to communicate with


Alongside communication, C-me reports use a number of different filters to look at behavioural preferences in different contexts to increase self-awareness and promote personal development. Some of these are: 


  • Your personalised graphs and colour positions

  • Resilient strengths and team contribution

  • Areas for development and blind spots

  • Remote working preferences

  • Enabling engagement and role agility

  • Handling setbacks and managing stress

  • Action-learning


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